Maternity - Jenna Elizabeth Onyia

Maternity Sessions

What a beautiful time! As your baby begins to move inside you and your belly grows, you are carrying your precious babe. What a beautiful journey! This is a great time to capture it!     

When should this session take place?

Maternity sessions should take place between 30-36 weeks of the pregnancy. The key is to schedule the session when your belly is nice and round and you are still feeling comfortable. If you are carrying small or have gained little weight during this time, you may want to wait and schedule the session between 34-36 weeks. If you are growing a bit more rapidly, I would suggest scheduling your session early, between 30-33 weeks.

What do I or we wear?

The best clothing to wear for your session are tops that fit tightly around the belly to show off the shape, and long, flowy dresses. If you prefer to wear multiple outfits, then I encourage two or three outfits during your session. If you are bringing along dad and siblings, make sure to dress them all accordingly. Additionally, you can borrow a gown or outfit from the client closet.

Who all can be included?

The whole family! Even the family dog is okay by me. I love to everyone included and excited for your new member.

Where do these take place? 

Some maternity can be done in studio. Most are done on location at a pretty park or spot.

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