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Newborn Sessions

Hi! I'm so happy you are here! It's such a wonderful time full of sweet little moments and firsts. Your babe is brand new. There's so much you'll want to remember!

Do you have a studio or do you come to my home?

I have options for both! It's all about what look would you like. And we will go over that. I begin each booking by asking about your preferences and style. So I can perfectly customize the session to your family. Maybe you know you want a in-home lifestyle session with mostly white tones. Or maybe you have your heart set on a giant wall piece of your babe featuring a rustic farmhouse style. That's where we will begin. We won't rush the session and we'll have plenty of breaks for feedings and snuggles. The studio has more than enough outfits and props for any color pallette.

When should I book my newborn photos?

Newborn sessions are best done when your baby is 5 - 21 days old. So, it's actually best to book some time during your third trimester. You need not worry about a certain date because due dates are not usually accurate. Instead I take on a certain number of due dates per month. Booking early ensures that when your wee little one does arrive, I will have openings set aside for you.

My baby is older than 21 days. Is it too late?

It's never too late for newborn photos! There may be some poses your baby won't be comfortable doing but we will sure to get lots of adorable photos.

What should I expect during my session?

Newborn sessions are so exciting! We will take plenty of time to snuggle and caress your babe. The studio is kept extra warm for your babe to help keep them comfortable. Newborn sessions can take anywhere from an hour to 4 hours. Completely depending on your babe. We will never rush, push, or place your babe in any way that makes them uncomfortable.

What kind of qualifications do you have?

I have spent well over a hundred hours learning newborn safety and care. I have my own two little ones and want nothing but the best for yours. I have spent the time to learn properly how to pose your baby in safe non-stressful ways. When your baby is in my hands you can rest assured that I am gentle, loving and thoughtful. I have made it my mission to be trained in cpr, infant care, and learning to spot cues of stress or discomfort. I will never ever ever push your babe into a pose that he or she is just not comfortable with. I practice baby led posing. So that your sweet babe can always be the safe while cutely posed.

I would like a maternity session as well!

Great! Maternity sessions are a wonderful way to capture the growth of your family and how amazing our bodies can be! I'll make sure that you look stunning. We'll consider whether or not you want something casual. Or if you'd like to go all out and borrow a gown from the client closet. Maternity sessions can take place in the studio or on location. I know lots of pretty places. But if you have a favorite spot be sure to let me know. I love exploring new places! Most sessions take about an hour and clothing changes can be done at any time.

Do you offer packages for maternity and newborn?

Yes! I call it our New Beginnings Club. Additionally I have Clubs for baby's first year and for announcement through Maternity. 

Do you offer packages for 3 months through first birthday?

Yes! It's called our Wee Littles Club! You can find out lots of information on that on the Clubs page.

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