Nursing - Jenna Elizabeth Onyia


That special bond between mom and baby. Where mamas look so adoringly at their babes as they continue to use their own body to nourish another. This journey is a hard but rewarding one. These pictures are to capture, rejoice, and maybe even heal in the experience of breastfeeding.

What should I wear?

I suggest you wear something you are comfortable nursing in but also something that makes you feel amazing. The client closet is also available for you to borrow gowns from.

I'm concerned that too much will be showing ?

I get this question a lot. Know that I do these in the most tasteful and beautiful manner possible. I try to pick beautiful but less busy locations for this reason.

Where are these sessions held?

These can be held on location like at a park or in studio. Both are good options.

When should I book?

Whenever you and your child are ready. Most try to have a celebratory session before they wean or when a milestone has been reached. 

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